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Electromagnetic buzzer does not make a sound?
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In the purchase of back electromagnetic buzzer, buzzer will have many kinds of may lead to damage, and thus can not be normal pronunciation, so here are the most common, want to use the buzzer when users should note that if you need a buzzer sound, then you may wish to try.

1 electromagnetic buzzer sounds and use tape will be sealed, thus not normal sound source.

2 a pin off the buzzer, can not be used properly, thus unable to voice.

3 electromagnetic buzzer drive circuit or power off, the same reason.

4 do not give the buzzer pulse drive signal.

5 to the electromagnetic buzzer to put a strong magnet, because the electromagnetic buzzer structure, including the coil magnet, put a stronger, will destroy the structure of the principle.

6 electromagnetic buzzer within the film, if the pin used in pronunciation mouth against the internal diaphragm can also use the tool to the diaphragm is not broken, vibration pronunciation.


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