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Taizhou Fu Sheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in SMD piezoelectric buzzer, buzzer, buzzer, speaker and other thin enterprise production and development. The company is located in Taizhou, a famous historical city in china. Since its inception the company spirit of "unity, cooperation, innovation, high efficiency" business philosophy, full participation, excellence, to provide high-quality products for customers sound! Company to quality first, the first delivery of the service concept to provide customers with quality products.

Fu Sheng electronics technology, talent, technology, quality, service, strategy and other factors, optimize work flow, casting excellence, continue to revitalize the brand, to maintain the leading position, the vision of a more broad, higher goals, dedicated to creating more value for customers; the company developed a series of products are widely used in the production of electronic buzzer: communication, household appliances, automobiles, electric bicycles, UPS power supply, alarm alarm; instrumentation, electronic toy and electronic clocks and so on. We attach great importance to, cherish all cooperation or cooperative partner of customers, to express the trust and expectations of our customers and we are grateful, excellent suppliers association to continue to consolidate the strategic ally, Fu Sheng team of professional skills, has a very enthusiastic, with a lofty ideals and high aspirations enthusiasm and look forward to customers, together with the Chinese The electronic industry is booming as a modest, attained brilliant. Partnership, abide by integrity, common development!

We firmly believe that the sound of electronic will continue to forge ahead, and you work together to create a better future! Welcome to join!

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